Twitter marketing 101

When it comes to marketing, you have to consider Twitter for what it really is. It is somewhat a kin to a giant classified ad system. Yes I know that other people use it for other purposes, to explain their day, bits or present their own personal opinion on something in a hundred forty characters or less.
People who have something to sell, however, use it for much more. They are pumping out t...More

Amazon Prime and KDSelect

When the select program first started it represented a great deal for authors because it was mostly just indie authors in the catalog, and you got a few good promotional tools as well.
How KDPSelect works now, in reality, is not how Amazon presents it.
They will say something like there is 12 million for the month (Aug 2016 )to entice authors to join it.
They need the regular authors so that the Catalog has  more than 50,000 titles.

Tides Of Passion

 Alisha Gibbons  A prostitutes daughter, escapes being raped by the tavern owner after the murder of her mother.
On the stagecoach, she falls in love with a young man, but the boys father, Quincy Salvador,  
a wealthy rancher takes an instant dislike of Alisha and forbids his son to marry her because of her past.
Determined to marry the young man, Alisha slips into his darkened room to seduce him, only to realize, the next da...More

Fiona McAndrew

 Fiona McAndrew has led a varied and at times controversial life. Although she is now a writer, in the past she was a model who regularly appeared in the British press and on the television.   She was also a life model for world famous artist Lizzie Rowe, and after her modelling career ended Fiona dedicated her life to campaigning for women with low self-esteem and body image issues....More

In The Arms of An Angel

Therese A Kraemer

 Two lives hang in the balance, Two women convicted of murder. Only One may survive.

Zandria Adams, living in the present, is executed for murdering her cheating husband.
She meets a handsome angel. He informs her that she’s  been given a second chance,to return to earth to live again. 1856  Selma is being hanged for murdering her cheating husband. To her horror Zandria awakens in the eighteen hundreds ...More

Elizabeth Collins

has worked for many years as a psychologist in private practice following a career as an educational psychologist and consultant. Her interests lay in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being of children and their parents and adults both at home and in the workplace. Helping people to manage their lives through therapy and education led to further studies in NLP, Accelerated Learning, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique , ...More

Dorcy Brookshire Trail Of Tears

Dorcy Brookshire gets transported back into time to discover that her ancestry began way back when witches were the norm More


Tides Of Passion

Tides Of Passion
Amazon Raping Indie Autho

Amazon Raping Indie Autho
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Captive Love
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